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Time Bomb Vapors

Time Bomb Vapors E-Juice • 60ml • 60VG/40PG

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Time Bomb Vapors E-Juice • 60ml • 60VG/40PG

After seeing the positive results of e-cigs replacing smoking, Co-Founders Greg and Alena decided to make their own e-juice, and created Buckshot Vapors in Costa Mesa, California.

Buckshot Vapors was so well received in the industry that they decided to create another line of e-juice. They wanted something that would be a new breed of e-juice; this is when Time Bomb Vapors was released. Time Bomb Vapors has received the same positive reception as Buckshot Vapors and both lines are thriving.

The punk rock labels are a delight for Rancid fans!

all bottles 60ml 0mg in unicorn bottles

A refreshing mix of Blueberry and Raspberry

An exotic blend of Honeydew & Dragonfruit

Taste just like grape Purple PixieStix, the powdered USA candy in a straw!

A gourmet, bakery style cupcake with butter cream frosting and a decadent creamy filling.

An Explosive mix of strawberry, apple and peach!

An Explosive mix of strawberry, apple and peach and menthol!

A mouthwatering combination of strawberry and watermelon guaranteed to refresh your taste buds.

Just like the frothy mall drink of the 80's. Sweet creamy orange flavor with a twist




Enjoy the classic sweet and sour blast of blueberry and apple candy, dusted with sugar. Each taste will leave your tongue with a refreshing fruity flavor experience. 


Candy lovers rejoice. Patches 60ml by Time Bomb Vapors brings you the delicious taste of white gummy candy. Time Bomb Vapors has taken the vaping community to the next level with Patches, the taste of this new flavour will have you surely questioning your sanity. 

As you inhale Time Bomb Patches the familiar taste of white gummy candy will wash over your taste buds an excite them to a whole new end. No longer will you have to hide candy to get your sweets fix because this vape juice will keep that sweet desire under lock and key.


Those of you who have a dessert craving that you just can't kick, this vape juice is for you. Pogo 60ml in Time Bomb's new Misfits series is a vape juice that will send your sweet tooth packing. The taste of cookies with strawberry frosting and sprinkles has never tasted better. As you inhale Time Bomb Vapors Pogo, you're immediately hit with the flavor of a cookie. This taste isn't by itself for long because then the taste of the strawberry vape juice that has been turned into a frosting taste combines with the cookie flavor. This combo is what will kick your sweet tooth the curb in an instant. As you exhale, the entire taste comes together in a full circle, the cookie with strawberry frosting and sprinkles is something that will have you coming back for more consistently. The days of becoming flavor blind to a vape juice three days after you get it are over with Time Bomb Vapors. Their flavors are made to be an all-day-vape and provide you with such intense flavors that you'll never get tired of. Created by a punk chick and a skater dude these flavors are sure send your taste buds into a mosh pit and have you suddenly interested in skateboarding. 



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