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About Us

We are vapers! In fact vaping enthusiasts! After successfully quitting analogue tobacco cigarettes for both health and cost reasons, we decided to spread the love to others.

    • Victory Vape is a registered and insured Australian Company PTY LTD.
    • We sell vaping equipment and accessories to encourage and enable folks who have a desire to quit smoking tobacco.
    • We have two Brick & Mortar stores, Daylesford, Victoria & Cairns, Queensland. Come visit, both towns are great places for a getaway!
    • We do not sell nicotine or any products containing nicotine.
    • We do not sell to customers under 18
    • When using advanced vaping mods and rebuildables, a knowledge of battery safety and ohm's law is essential. Educate yourself on vaping safety.
    • Victory Vape is a family business run by Steve & Stacy. We are real people who care about others, and we hope that will translate into good customer service for you! After giving up cigarettes and tobacco we feel much healthier and find the cost of vaping to be a mere fraction of the cost of smoking. We hope you will too!