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Return Policy

Before you submit a return request:

Troubleshoot first!

The technology of vaping can be confusing, especially for beginners, so please trouble shoot your problem by firstly reading your manual and operating instructions, do a simple Google/YouTube search or access the huge amount of other vaping resources online. This can save you time and money as most returns received are not due to defective products, but user error.

If you return a product which is determined as fully functional it will not be cost effective as the customer will bear the responsibility of all return postage costs.

Please only return defective parts, do not return any other part of your order that is not defective.

Please remove any batteries and tanks and return your mod in the original packaging.

Remorseful buy?

You may return any item which is unopened, remorseful buy/change of mind, for a refund, however there will be a 20% restocking fee.

This also applies when a customer orders the wrong item.

If the mistake is on us and we have shipped you the wrong item, we will cover shipping the correct item to you and also include a prepaid postage satchel for you to return the incorrect item.


If you receive a defective mod DOA please return it immediately within 7 days and we can repair or replace the unit.

In the case of DOA units we will refund the cost of your return postage and replace the unit plus free postage to return it to you.

Note. Please read your manual and use Google/YouTube to make sure you have a clear understanding of all operations.

If a mod is returned and found to be completely operational, all return postage costs will be the customers responsibility.

So please make sure you have tried everything before returning your purchase. Be sure batteries are installed properly (facing the right +/- direction), make sure you turn on your device, (usually 5 clicks of the fire button, but that may vary).

Non returnable, non exchangeable, non-refundable situations are as following.

We have a strict policy due to health reasons concerning the following which are considered consumables by the ACCC and are NOT covered by any warranty:

Coils,Pod Cartridges, Batteries -strictly non-returnable

Clearomisers, Tanks and Atomisers - strictly non returnable.

Note. Tanks by their very nature can leak. No returns will be accepted due to leaking, however there are a number of ways you can minimise this, please do a quick google/YouTube search, there are many ways to minimise a leakage problem.

Eliquids -strictly non-returnable.

Building wire, cotton, -strictly non returnable

Any Glass parts non-returnable (unless damaged in shipping), in this case this must be reported immediately upon arrival of your order.

Devices with Resin panels all vary, each one unique and different, and no returns will be accepted due to the customer not liking the colour.

90 Day Warranty

Most starter kits and mods have a 90 Day Warranty, however this warranty does not cover the following:

  • Damage to the usb ports, damage from impact, i.e. dropped or knocked over, exposure to the elements, damage due to eliquids working their way down into the circuitry of the mod or stuck buttons due to mishandling.
  • Mods with removable batteries -we do not recommend using the USB port within the mod, please use external battery charger to extend the life of both the batteries and the mod, except in the case of emergency when you have no access to your external charger.

We recommend that you always operate your mod with clean hands to avoid buttons getting stuck and grit working its way into the switch

In many cases these can be repaired but there will be a fee.

Mods, Pod Systems and starter kits with built in batteries by their very design will not last as long as more expensive units with removable rechargeable batteries.

Be very careful inserting your USB charger, as the USB ports can be easily damaged if the cable is inserted incorrectly. Movement of the cable while inserted can also damage the USB port. 


Exceptions to the 90 Day Warranty


  • High EndDevices
  1. YIHI SX MINI which offer a full 1 year warranty on their SL Class and G Class units - we are anauthorised warranty service centre for YiHi.  
  2. Dicodes which offer a full 2 year warranty. -Dicodes must be returned to Germany for repair or replacement after consultation with Victory Vape.


  • Clearance Items

All products that are in the clearance section do not qualify for the 90 Day Warranty, only DOA warranty.



We can potentially repair your mod as long as it doesn’t have a built in battery, if parts are available as we have a very capable in house technician. There will be a minimal charge for this based on cost of parts required and time taken to fix you mod. 

Note: lower end mods are often built by profit method and cannot be repaired.

In the case of out of warranty units, all postage and repair costs will be the responsibility of the owner.


The guarantees under the ACL are provided in sections 51 to 59 inclusive of the ACL (“Statutory Guarantees”) and the remedies are provided in sections 259 to 266 inclusive of the ACL (“Statutory Remedies”).

Warranties are not transferable and are voided upon resale of any product.


Warranty Remedies

When you return a product to us for any warranty purpose, Victory Vape or the manufacturer will determine, at our sole discretion, whether the product is faulty and the cause of the fault within a reasonable time frame.

In the case of a manufacturing defect or other fault not caused by you or your actions, we may offer you a store credit, refund, repair, or replacement in accordance with our obligations under the ACL.

In most cases, in accordance with our obligations under the ACL, we will offer a replacement for any item that qualifies under the terms of this warranty and cannot be repaired. In lieu of a replacement, or if an item is no longer stocked, we may choose, at our sole discretion, to offer you a refund or store credit.