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Buy replacement coils or pod cartridges for your devices. Please be sure you are buying the correct coils for your device. We carry over 400 different coils so it can be confusing. A quick Google search or a call can save you from purchasing the wrong coils. When similar coils are available in different ohms, typically the less the ohms the more power they can handle, and the more ohm the less power required. Some coil varieties have MTL and DTL options, MTL is for folks that vape Mouth to Lung and DTL is for Direct to Lung. Ni200 and Titanium coils can only be used in mods with Ni or Ti mode and must only be run in those settings. SS Stainless Steel coils can be run in either Wattage (Power) mode or SS TC mode NiCr (NiChrome), Kanthal A1, ceramic and mesh coils should only be run in power mode. Also in this category are pre-wound coils for rebuildables, that require ibstalling and wicking.

Many coils are interchangeable, here is a list (not fully complete) of compatible coils:

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