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Clouded Visions

Clouded Visions Eliquid 60ml 70VG 30PG (AUS WA)

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Clouded Visions Eliquid 60ml 70VG 30PG (AUS WA)


A huge variety of Premium Aussie juices from our friends in WA! Made in one of Australia's largest and newest labs!

Clouded Visions was created in 2016, following nearly a year of development and extensive testing, with the goal of creating a line of premium quality, affordable and locally made juice for the Australian vaping community.

Clouded Visions are 100% committed to creating the tastiest, highest quality juices possible, using only high quality, safe to vape flavourings, and pharmaceutical grade PG/VG. With months of testing going into each and every flavour, only the very best make the cut.
GLAZED DIZZLE is back! This Limited Edition the love child of Nimbus Vapour and Clouded Visions. A collaborative effort combining the jammy sugary goodness of Jam Dizzle with the fluffy donut body of Cinnamon Glaze. Sometimes the best can get even better.

A Favourite of ours growing up, with that instantly recognisable distinctive flavor that’s sure to bring out the Nerd in all of us. Two classics combined, Tropical fruits and Peach.

Juddy, the one and only. A name synonymous with Clouded Visions, a flavour some may say is the best they ever created. It's back, and it's reloaded. Substituting lemon for a blend of berry goodness, it's so different yet so familiar. The perfect cheesecake with an unbelievable depth of flavour, available for a limited time only.
For the true mint/menthol enthusiast. Essentially, Stay Frosty is a face melting smack of various types of mint, eucalyptus, a touch of sweetness and pure ice.


The newest arrival, juicy mango nectar combined with a creamy vanilla Heifer base.


Just like that classic Frosty Boy spearmint milkshake has this Spearmint Heifer full of crisp spearmint with that creamy vanilla smoothness to make this a flavourful and chilly concoction by Clouded Visions.


Glazed Dizzle is the love child of Nimbus Vapour and Clouded Visions. A collaborative effort combining the jammy sugary goodness of Jam Dizzle with the fluffy donut body of Cinnamon Glaze. Sometimes the best can get even better!


Inspired by our favourite icecream, this dessert style vape incorporates elements of butterscotch and gingerbread combined with a rich, creamy vanilla icecream, finished with a slight hint of cinnamon and nutmeg spices.


Simply the perfect lemon cheesecake. Smooth and sweet, Juddy incorporates thick, creamy cheesecake and a light buttery biscuit base, laced with beautiful, sweet, no skin, no rind, lemon. This is NOT the taste of cheesecake followed by biting into a whole lemon, this is a lemon cheesecake. This is Juddy.


A long time in the making, this is my personal take on the ever popular strawberry milkshake. A rich and complex mixture of ripened and candied strawberries, sweetened cream and vanilla. You won't want to put it down.


The long awaited companion to the ever popular Pink Heifer and a favourite amongst the Kiwis! Shares the same ever evolving thick, vanilla cream we all love from the Pink Heifer, accompanied by a perfectly blended selection of strong, sweet raspberry.


An unusual twist on the famous Heifer, this flavour blends sweet, candied grape with the ever popular creamy vanilla laden Heifer base, creating a unusual but fantastic blend! This is a candied Hubba-Bubba styled grape, except we removed the bubblegum and replaced it with a heap of thick vanilla cream, and the results are phenomenal.


By popular demand! The Classic Heifer is the product of the unrelenting requests I have received to release a 'pure' cream Heifer. That would have been too simple. This is so much more than that. Thicker and heavier than the rest, The Classic Heifer is incredibly rich, combining several types of vanilla, a dash of caramel, and a little something else, all converging to create the most decadent, full bodied Heifer yet.


You just cant get enough of the Heifer, and I'll continue creating them until you do! By far the most requested Heifer was Banana. You ask, I deliver. Slightly candied, extremely creamy banana atop the incredible Heifer base. Enjoy!


The candy we all, or at least me, loved as a kid (still do). Very sweet, gummy cola bottles with a slight tartness on the exhale

GEEKS Berry/Lime

A favourite of ours growing up, with that instantly recognisable distinctive flavour that's sure to bring out the Nerd in all of us.
Now available in 3 different flavours!!!


Delicious, fluffy pancakes topped with a rich, decadent maple syrup, golden butter and a dash of cream. the breakfast of champions.


A complex and intricate amalgamation of a variety of types of melon and accompanying tropical fruits, strong but not overly sweet, this juice makes a fantastic all day vape.


Danish Oven is Clouded Visions most intricate and complex flavour yet. Rich and full flavoured, this complex flavour combines layers of sweet danish pastry with spiced, cooked apple, covered in a decadent, full bodied vanilla custard. Not quite a custard danish, not quite an apple crumble, the perfect balance between the two

For Those who just love unadulterated menthol. A 70/30 Blend of premium Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol and Menthol, premixed and bottled for your convenience.

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