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Wismec RX Replacement Coils


Replacement coils for the Wismec/Jaybo Reux.

RX 0.15 ohm Dual Coil head (60-260 watts)

RX 0.15 ohm triple nichrome coil head (60-160 watts)

RX 0.5 ohm ceramic coil (40-80 watts)

The RX 0.15 ohm Dual Coil head (60-260 watts) is made for complete cloud chasing. It can be run at extremely high wattage and is more wide bore then the Triple coil for maximum cloud production. This can result in slight flavour loss at high wattages, but you will have clouds of days.

The RX 0.15 ohm Triple Nichrome coil head (60-160 watts) is the balance between the three of these coils. It can go to a decently warm 160 watts while still maintaining beautiful flavour to your vape. The coil head is slightly smaller bore so the draw is a little tighter then the Dual coil head.

RX 0.5 ohm Ceramic Coil (40-80 watts) is made for pure flavour. It shines around the 60 watt mark and will give you one of the most true to flavour vapes you have ever had. The draw is the tightest of the bunch, but it will give you a wonderful vaping experience.


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