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Mates Rates E-Liquid 120ml 70/30 PG/VG

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 (None of our eliquids contain nicotine, as required by Australian law!)

Mates Rates is a brand new juice line from the minds of JuiceFreak Australia. We have been working tirelessly for the last few months to bring you premium simplistic flavours at ‘Mates Rates’ because here at JuiceFreak our customers are the best friends we could ever have and Mates Rates will be the best friend your vape can ever have! Not to mention a great friend to your wallet!


Mates Rates - Cola

Mates Rates Cola is a sweet and sticky cola that you can enjoy all day long. Specs: Size: 120ml Strength: Ready to Vape VG/PG Ratio: 70/30 Origin: Australia Ingredients: VG, PG, natural and artificial flavours.


Mates Rates - Watermelon

Treat yourself to a delicious vape with Mates Rates Watermelon. Experience a juicy medley of fresh watermelon flavours that will tantalize your taste buds with its delectable sweetness! 

Mates Rates - Grape

Introducing Mates Rates Grape, the perfect balance of tangy crispness. Get ready to experience the ultimate grape flavour in every puff.


Mates Rates - Strawberry

Experience the juicy goodness of summer days in a bottle with Mates Rates Strawberry! Fresh ripe juicy strawberries abound in this delicious juice.


Mates Rates - Apple

Apple is a premium simplistic vape juice abounding in crisp and juicy apples.


Mates Rates - Banana

This flavour delivers an authentic and timeless taste of creamy delicious banana.


Mates Rates - Lemonade

Lemonade brings you clear refreshing and tasty lemonade all day long.


Mates Rates - Lime

Lime is the perfect combination of tart and succulent limes, providing a bold flavour and perfect balance of tartness and sweetness.


Mates Rates - NRG Drink

This syrupy energy drink e-liquid packs a powerful punch of invigorating flavour - perfect for those early mornings or late nights when you need a flavour-filled jump-start!


Mates Rates - Pineapple

With its mouth-watering taste and rich aroma, this tangy juice is perfect for any tropical fruit lover. 


Mates Rates - Sherbert

The perfect mix of sweet and sour. This e-liquid is fizzy, tingly, and full of flavour!


Mates Rates - Tropical

Tropical is bursting with ripe mangoes, zesty passionfruit, and refreshing guava, for a flavour experience that’ll transport you to the tropics instantly!


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