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Youde UD Builders Choice Wire Box • 6 assorted spools

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UD Youde Wire Box

The UD Youde Wire Box is perfect for the aspiring coil builder. The Wire Box contains six different types of wire rolled up in individual spools. The Wire Box also contains holes on the side of the box for easy access to your wire. The Wire Box is the builder's choice for portable storage for all of your wires.

Features and Specs:

  • Kanthal A1 26ga Standard Wire - 30ft Spool
  • Kanthal A1 28ga x 3 Twisted Wire - 15ft Spool
  • Kanthal A1 26ga + 32ga Clapton Wire - 15ft Spool
  • Ni200 26ga Standard Wire - 30ft Spool
  • SS316L 26ga Standard Wire - 30ft Spool
  • Nichrome 26ga Standard Wire - 30ft Spool

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