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VGOD Pro SubTank replacement Shotgun coils • 5 pack

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VGOD Pro SubTank replacement Shotgun coils 5 pack

The VGOD Shotgun Coils is designed for the VGOD PRO SubTank. With 0.2ohm resistance and unique structure, the VGOD PRO SubTank Coil will bring you an amazing vaping with optimal flavor and huge clouds. 5 pieces each pack. Just get the VGOD PRO SubTank Coil for your PRO SubTank and bring your vaping to a new level.

VGOD Pro SubTank Coils, 0.2 ohm (5-Pack)

Low Resistance

Higher Wattage

30w to 100w

Best at 60w

Satisfying Throat Hits

Massive Clouds

Hot Vapor


VGOD Pro SubTank Coils, 0.4 ohm (5-Pack)

High Resistance

Lower Wattage

30w to 70w

Best at 45w

Smooth Flavorful Vape

Pleasant Vapor Production

Cool Vapor

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