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Vape Wild

Vape Wild Eliquids • 30ml 0mg

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Vape Wild is a Dallas Texas based company specialising in Premium eliquids at affordable prices!


With this upgrade of the legendary “Strawberries and Cream”, you may notice more cream and strawberries! If you loved Strawberries and Cream, you will absolutely adore this elegant, rich, and creamy addition!

Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Cream

Cowboy Cooler

Cowboy Cooler is a complex blend of menthol with sweet and sour berries. This tart concoction of fruit and menthol flavor is sure to make you want more!

Primary Flavors: Berries, Menthol, Lime

King Cake

Feel like a true King of New Orleans while vaping this magnificent cinnamon treat. Frosted Cinnamon King Cake!

Primary Flavors: Cream, Cinnamon, Sugar, Dough

Smurf Cake

A smurfing good blend of our amazing cheesecake and wild (that's VapeWild !!!) blueberries will have you blowing blue clouds in a whimsical fantasy land.

Primary Flavors:Blueberry, Cream, Pie Crust


Murica is a blast of sweet and refreshing layers of red cherries, tart lemon-lime and blue raspberries. Murica tastes just like that red, white and blue popsicle from the ice cream truck on a hot Summer day. 

Primary Flavors:Popsicle, Lemon Lime, Raspberry, Cherry

Whiskey Tango Fudgecake

A southern delight of the smoothest barrel aged whiskey and moist chocolate cake. The depth of flavor you experience with this unique flavor is sure to be a staple in your line up of favorites. All hail Whiskey Tango Fudgecake!

Primary Flavors:Fudge, chocolate, whiskey


We took a trip on our Nimbus 2015 to meet with the creators of Butterbeer from the Three Broom Sticks in Hogsmeade to find this delectable treat for the holiday season.

Primary Flavors:Butterscotch, Vanilla, Cream

Ya' Killin' Me S'mores

Campfire not included with this excellent combination of ooey, gooey marshmallow and graham cracker, topped off with a milk chocolate that delights you in all the right ways. 

Primary Flavors:Graham Cracker, Marshmallow, Chocolate

Dragon Warrior

The east meets the west with Dragon Warrior, a green tea blend with sweet dragon fruit & a hint of creamy milk.

Primary Flavors: Tea, a Hint of Milk, and Dragon Fruit


A flavor so heavenly, we had to create it in the cosmos.  We took the divine taste of summer’s favorite fruits and melded them with the sweet crunch of cucumbers and shot ourselves to the stars above.  The lightest, fruitiest potion to date with enough muddled fruit blended in to make your mouth fairly water.  Welcome to our universe, Stardust.

Primary Flavors: Fruit and Cucumbers 

Lemon Sansation

Vape what Sansa Stark vapes! In the Game of Ohms you win or you die…. Or you could just indulge in the finer things of Westeros and wait for the next person to make a fatal mistake while you sit back and enjoy more Lemon Sansation. Lemon Sansation will take you on an adventure through the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros with freshly baked lemon cake topped with a sugary, lemon glaze.

Primary Flavors: Lemon, Hints of Meringue, Cake


This strawberry dragonfruit drips from your tank like fresh fruit juice.  Tropical flavours collide heavily with Drop.  You’ll love every drip.

Primary Flavors: Dragon Fruit, Strawberry, Citrus

Rad Bull

Energy drink lovers, we have a great vape for you! We don't know if it will give you wings, but you'll surely be lost in the clouds!

Primary Flavors:Energy Drink

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