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Vagabond Vapour Eliquids • 70VG/30PG

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Vagabond Vapour Eliquids • 70VG/30PG

Our second Aussie juice line comes from the great folks at Vagabond Vapour!

They have been crafting a truly world-class line of e-liquids down in South Oz for years now...

All bottles are ready to vape "singler" flavours... 70VG/30PG

Also check out the "That's My Jam" line from Vagabond

Note: Vagabond has moved from the old 130ml sauce style bottles to 120ml chubby gorilla style bottles, some stock may be older style bottles



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and there's no better place for breakfast than a kafana in the old town of Sarajevo where the coffee is thick and the pastries are sweet as the city wakes to life around you.

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Bosnian coffee, creams with a mellow caramel undertone



Dad didn't mind a spot of sailing back in the day, must be why he gravitated towards pipes. I still remember the sweet aroma of his tobacco tins.

Caramel is just that, a sweet woody caramel tobacco blend.

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Sweet and aromatic caramel tobacco, slightly woody with a hint of smooth chocolate


Krakòw Kustard

You suddenly snap, it may be the cold weather, or seeing yet another tour bus pull up just outside of Wawel Castle - you dart around the corner and down some stairs into a tiny hidden cafe, time to indulge in something decadent.

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Warm creamy custard, light caramels poured over an apple pie and topped with a generous serving of vanilla ice cream.


Kiki Strawberry

Wojtek did not write a catchy description for this flavour so I will just say it is fresh as a dip in the Adriatic at Train to Skaville Festival on an island off Sibenik, and it tastes like a kiss from a Croatian Ska fan...but careful on those cliffs, it's long way down...

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Ripe Strawberry, Chewy (Croatian) Toffee


Osem Tea

Grab a sweet and spicy cup of tea from the Chai Wallah as he makes the rounds on an overcrowded train slowly making it's way to Varanasi.

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Spiced Chai tea with cinnamon, ginger and a touch of lemon zest


Turkish Apple

Hop off the tram at Sultanahmet, take a left just before the pudding shop and I think it's the 2nd tea house on the right. Skip all other options and ask for the iced apple tea, it's the perfect blend of tart apple, sugar and mint to take the edge off a hot afternoon in Istanbul.

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Sweet apple tea with a minty blast


Choc Mint Andes

Imagine the Andes running down the spine of South America, with stunning peaks and refreshingly cool winds, there's nothing like a cup of hot chocolate spiced with mint to add to the experience. Unfortunately our Choc Mint Andes were eaten out of a box while stuck on quite possibly the world's slowest bus.

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Rich creamy milk, dark chocolate and refreshingly cool mint on the inhale.


Kulka Kool

A short layover in Singapore before another 12 hour flight, the sun has long been set but the humidity still lingers.
You've got just enough time to take a short breather at the Sanctuary Lounge with a mojito in one hand and Kulka Kool in the other.

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Cool and refreshing mint tobacco


Moscato Di Amburgo

Moscato Di Amburgo has many names such as Misket Siyah, Black Muscat, Stone Cold Dolomighty and our favourite Trollinger Muscateller blau. But all you need to know is that it's those little round things that grow on vines and are used to make that delicious sweet desert wine found throughout Mediterranean Europe and the Portuguese coast.

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Aromatic black muscat grapes with a floral finish


Moscato Di Amburgo Chilled

We’ve taken It’s sibling Moscato Di Amburgo and added a touch of koolada to give it the “chilled” sensation. Some might say it’s a cheap trick we’ll just say it’s a damn nice way to cleanse the palate 🙂

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Aromatic black muscat grapes with a floral finish and a refreshing cooling sensation


Santorini Sunrise

Take it from this old salt, nothing ever happens quickly in Santorini... so sleep in, take a slow walk to the nearest taverna and settle in for a lazy morning of mezze washed down with a refreshing glass of ouzo.

FLAVOUR PROFILE:An intricate blend of Aegean Anise, Cardamom and Cloves poured over ice (just like Ouzo)



Just arrived in Vienna? Dig out your cleanest shirt we’re taking you to Schönnbrunn Palace for the original Wiener Strudelshow.

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Viennese style apple pie with just the right amount of cinnamon


Banana Nut Bread

There’s no romantic story here, just some damn good Banana nut bread while killing time at an airport coffee lounge.

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Soft banana nut bread with a condensed milk icing


Nam Wa Banana

Pack your toothbrush and forget the deodorant as you explore the highlight of backpacking through Southeast Asia on the famous “Banana Pancake” trail.

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Ripe roasted banana, caramels with a touch of cinnamon spice


Berry British

The stars have aligned and you’ve somehow not only landed tickets to the Wimbledon but the sun is out, what else is there to do on a balmy London day than sit back and enjoy the tennis with a cup of strawberries and cream.

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Straight up yet complex blend of strawberries, sugar, cream.


Oh Là Là!

Bienvenue à Paris. Sunshine, French chic and the unforgettable aroma of Parisian alleyways. A cup of frozen yoghurt in your hand as you soak up the bohemian charm. All it takes is a spoonful and all of a sudden you are fluent in French as you exclaim Oh Là Là!

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Extra creamy yoghurt, slightly tart with a tropical fruit medley.

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