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Thunderhead Creations

Thunderhead Creations Octopak • 32 Coils


Thunderhead Creations Octopak • 32 Coils

32 coils of 8 different varieties in a resealable plastic case

Includes four coils of each of the following:

1 Clapton Tiger Coil 34ga×(0.2×0.5)×26ga 0.16*(0.2*0.5)*0.4*ID2.8*0.4Ω
2 Transformer Coil (0.2×0.5)×24ga (0.2*0.5)*Φ0.5*ID2.8*0.5Ω
3 Staple Coil 34ga×(0.3×0.8) Φ0.16x(0.3×0.8)xID2.8×0.35Ω
4 Eagle Coil 0.3×1.2 0.3*Φ1.2*ID2.8*0.35Ω
5 Clapton Coil 32/26ga Φ0.2*0.4*ID2.5*0.65Ω
6 Fused Clapton Coil 32/26ga×2 Φ0.2*0.4*2*ID2.5*0.25Ω
7 Twisted Fused Clapton Coil 32/26ga×2 Φ0.2*Φ0.4*2*ID3.0*0.45Ω
8 Twisted Clapton Coil (32/26)×2 (Φ0.2xΦ0.4)x2*ID3.0x0.4Ω