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The Resignators

The Resignators • "Bluebird Tattoo" 7 inch vinyl • b/w "True Love"


“Bluebird Tattoo” is the newest 7" Vinyl single from The Resignators, Australia’s hardest working ska punk band, based in Melbourne and Regional Victoria, featuring Victory Vape's owners Stacy Kilpatrick and Steve Douglas

This song tells the story of Melbourne’s most unique music and fashion movement of the 1970’s, the Sharpies. Sharpies were a multicultural group of “pre-punks” (localised to Australia and primarily Melbourne) that embraced a very specific style of fashion, haircut and dancing.

Sharpies heralded the beginning of Aussie Pub Rock, and despite negative press due to their tendency to rumble between rival Sharpie gangs, they lasted over a decade and contributed to the rise of careers of AC/DC, Lobby Loyde and the Coloured Balls, Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs, etc. Their devotion to music and dancing spawned the great outdoor concerts at venues like Sunbury and Sidney Myer Music Bowl where they would gather en masse and do the distinctive Sharpie dance. They travelled the Melbourne public transit system in large groups searching for fun in the form of live music (and the occasional punch-up) dressed in
their best Conti jumpers, platform shoes and high waisted bell bottom jeans. One of the most common icons for the Sharpies was a bluebird tattoo, so this song tells the story of how many years later, two Sharpie lovers remember each other fondly every time the see their bluebird tattoos. "When they danced they could make it fly!"

The B side of this single is a cover of “True Love”, a song by the Marching Girls / Scavengers that was used in the Melbourne based 80’s cult classic movie “Dogs in Space”. This is yet another tune about Australian lovers from a particular time and place. "True love is beautiful…"

All orders will also receive a link for digital download of both songs for your phones, tablets and computers!

“Bluebird Tattoo” was written by Steve Douglas/Stacy Kilpatrick
“True Love” was written by B. Perry/J.Volume/S/ Monroe
Mixed and Produced by Steve Douglas at Raku Recording, Daylesford, Victoria, Australia
Mastered by Ronan Chris Murphy, Veneto West, Los Angeles, USA
Cover art by Elise O’Conal

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