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The Khan Dry Herb Glass Bubbler


The Khan Dry Herb Glass Bubbler

The Khan Glass Herb Glass Bubbler for The Khan Dry Herb Vaporizer. Is available in case you run into a mishap or just need a spare.

Designed ONLY for the Mig Vapor Khan Dry Herb Vaporiser.

Vape Bubbler


The Pyrex glass vape bubbler for the Mig Vapor Khan. The very first vaporizer bubbler of it’s kind. The boss is especially proud of the design of the Khan vape bubbler. Frankly, it is gorgeous. On its own, it could be a beautiful glass display piece. And as gorgeous as it is, best of all, it works incredibly well.

The Khan vapor bubbler attachment design is reminiscent of a light bulb. The base of the glass structure is encased in stainless steel and precision engineered to thread seamlessly into place. There is no fussing or mussing trying to get it to screw in. It will effortlessly thread into place. The overall quality is impeccable.

The Khan vaporizer bubbler makes your vape sessions cool. Cool on the mouth and lungs. Just like a water pipe. However in this case, this is a vape bubbler that works with a state of the art portable, hand-held dry herb vaporizer. What is the advantage? The cooler vapor and purer flavor is the main advantage. And where this really kicks in is when you want to crank up the heat. The Khan will heat up to 464 F, or 240 C. If you want an intense session 464 degrees is going to deliver! And with the Khan vape bubbler, the vapor will be cool and comfortable to inhale. You will not have to choke down hot vapor like you do with a lesser vaporizer.

The glass bubbler also makes mellow sessions more enjoyable. Kicking back, relaxing and vaping at 300 F, the Khan bubbler brings out the true flavors like never before.