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Marina Vapes

That Thai Tea Tho Eliquid by Marina Vape • 60ml 70VG/30PG


That Thai Tea Tho vape juice from Marina Vapes is a completely addictive flavor that gives the taste buds the exotic experience of sipping on a Thai iced tea. With a blend of robust tea flavor, yummy spices and rich condensed milk, That Thai Tea ejuice is so astonishingly satisfying that you will want to vape it all day long.

That Thai Tea Tho vape juice is a take on the popular Thai Bubble tea beverage. It has a nice, rich & creamy blend of sweet milk, oriental tea, and sugar. If you are a Thai iced tea junkie, That Thai Tea Tho ejuice is the vape juice flavor that you have been waiting for. Only a brand like Marina Vapes could do this exquisite flavor justice, combining high-quality ingredients to reproduce the taste profile exactly.

When you inhale That Thai Tea Tho vape juice, your thirst will be quenched by a bold tea flavor that is slightly spicy and highly refreshing. As you exhale, that rich, luscious condensed milk will bathe your tongue and give your sweet tooth a kiss.

That Thai Tea Tho vape juice from Marina Vapes comes in a 60ml glass dropper bottle and is available in three nicotine strengths. With a 70 percent VG and 30 percent PG base, vapers will be able to produce large vape clouds while also getting a good throat hit.

Marina Vapes has a gift for developing vape juices that beautifully capture the flavors that haunt our taste buds relentlessly such as this one.

Is Thai iced tea your favorite thing about going to a Thai restaurant? Now, you can enjoy this flavor for hours on end. That Thai Tea Tho vape juice by Marina Vapes will satisfy your cravings for exotic, creamy iced tea. We have never seen a flavor like this one before, but you sure will love it! So fulfill your Thai Tea Prophecy!