Taffy Man E-juice • 0 mg


Taffy Man Eliquids

Made in the USA


  • B1G APL: BRAND NEW! 0 mg
    A delicious apply taffy that is the right amount of pucker and sweet, a perfect balance of sweet and sour green apple taffy candy represented in liquid form.

  • GR8APE Grape Taffy 0 mg
    Grape Taffy by Taffy Man is the perfect recreation of a exquisitely balanced saltwater taffy blended with a luscious grape. Enjoy a massive slab of Grape Taffy without the guilt!

    H2O Berry 0 mg
    H2O Berry is a mouthwatering surge of sweet and crisp watermelon taffy with a fresh undertone of strawberry. We would say it's perfect for summer, but it's actually perfect all year long.

    TR4BLU 0 mg
    The Taffy Man fans voted on what the newest Taffy man flavour would be and TR4BLU won by a landslide! True quality blueberry extracts are used to reach a realistic level of blueberry flavor without sacrificing any of the taffy base. Taffy man really brings the fruit in full force in this e juice.

    K3NANA 0 mg

    The newest flavour from Taffy man, Banana taffy that will blow your socks off! A hint of Kiwi on the exhale keeps it fresh!

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