Suicide Bunny E-juices • 30ml 0mg


Suicide Bunny Premium E-Liquid
A Commitment to a Higher Standard
Pip Gresham began making Suicide Bunny premium e-liquids in 2013 with the original goal of helping her husband quit smoking. After seeing his successful transition from cigarettes to vaping, her mission grew to saving as many lives as possible by giving vapers a superior premium e-liquid and creating a better, overall vaping experience. With carefully-selected, quality ingredients, child resistant droppers, and thirteen flavors, Suicide Bunny e-liquids are designed to help reduce the health hazards associated with smoking cigarettes.
Pip was also dedicated to creating something new. Something different. Something unique. She saw a vast gulf between what was being done with vape liquids and what could be done. Pip didn’t see the creation of e-liquids as some kind of science project. To her, it was an expression of creativity–a thrilling leap into the unknown.
So-so ingredients are never good enough for Pip. Only the best American-made ingredients will do. If it has a Suicide Bunny label on it, you can rest assured that it’s been subjected to a quality control process like none other.
Suicide Bunny e liquid is back at it again, this time with a deliciously layered cake featuring a vanilla dominant note with a perfected icing topping to make the biggest dessert loving vaper gush with joy!
Most people are familiar with the rich, delicious flavor of a king cake.  Now everyone can enjoy Pip’s take on this classic dessert, Queen Cake.  This amazing vape layers delicious cake, rich creams, and hints of glazed pineapple, topping it all with a drizzle of sweet icing.

Welcome to Derailed: one of Suicide Bunny’s most popular flavors. Inhale for the fresh baked cookie taste, exhale for the sweet cinnamon banana, and enjoy every moment in between. The smell alone will keep you coming back for more


Ahh, the enchantment of Madrina. This is Pip the Bunny’s personal favorite. Try it and you’ll see why. It might be the enchanting cream base. It might be the notes of melon tucked into every layer. It might be all of the above, and more. Try it and taste for yourself.


Welcome to Mother’s Milk: Suicide Bunny’s most popular juice. With a deliciously rich and creamy dessert flavor, and a light strawberry exhale, Mother’s Milk is ready to rock your world. There’s a reason our fans have voted it their favorite: once you try it, you’ll never want another.


Want to go to exotic places? Sucker Punch from Suicide Bunny is your ticket. Enjoy the alluring dragon fruit mix, laced with a silky-smooth cream. And get transported to a whole new world of amazing flavor.

THE O.B. (Original Bunny)

Rich and creamy, the O.B. from Suicide Bunny gives you a new experience every time. There’s layers upon layers to savor. What kind of taste will you discover? A mouthwatering, complex blend of rich, clean cream flavors.  Some say it tastes like sweet cream, others taste a hint of cake, but Marilyn’s recipe remains a delicious secret.

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