Stillare V3 RDA • Hcigar • Stainless


Stillare V3 RDA • Hcigar • Stainless

The Stillare V3 is a rebuildable atomizer that is capable of holding one, two, or THREE coils running at the same time for maximum vapor and flavor production!

Innovative air flow control can be run at single, dual, or triple coil options. Air flow can be closed by turning the top cap independently from the sleeve. The adjustable air holes are slightly wider than the V2.

22mm diameter

Driptip included

Deep juice well holds more juice than the V2

Copper plated center post and screws aids in maintaining maximum electrical conductivity to the coil.

Wire canals machined around the screw locations, to aid in placing and trapping wires in place during the rebuilding process.

The center post has vertical slots rather than holes, which can handle up to 20 gauge wire.

New top cap design prevents e-liquid spit back during atomization.

Reduced top cap chamber for focused flavor production.

Recommended build: 3 coils, each 26 gauge 5/6 wrap Vertical for optimum flavor and vapor production.

Includes extra screws, scewdriver, o-rings, wick and wire..


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