PopDeez Caramel Popcorn E-Juice by Steep Vapors


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The guys at Steep Vapors have been at it for a long time! They craft unique flavours that are not your run-of-the-mill simple one concentrate flavours, their line is unlike any other juices!

Pop Deez

Crackerjacks caramel popcorn was every American kid's dream snack, and Steep has introduced a vaping version of this flavour.

Just like the original, there is a prize in each box...what will you get?

Some prizes are too large to fit in the box, so a voucher card is included instead...take a Lucky Dip!

in 30ml bottles glass bottles w/ a dripper, packed in a box, 0mg


Cinna Pop Deez

The only thing that should be popping at this point in your life is you and if you are not already there yet, Cinna Pop Deez is here to fast track you. Bet you always thought caramel was the only thing that could go well with popcorn huh? Think again! Steep Vapor has clearly changed the game with their adventurous new flavor. An unbelievable concoction of cinnamon roll layered gingerly over freshly popped corn, say hello to Cinna Pop Deez! You know that movie you've had saved on your DVR for so long? Now would be a good time to snuggle up and watch, while vaping to your new favorite flavor of course! What Cinema? Cinema Pop Deez recreates the crunchy snack we all run to every now and then, with a heavy helping of cinnamon roll for a sugary but fluffy twist. If you already had a problem with your sweet tooth, this is definitely not going to help out. On the bright side though, those dreadful visits to the dentist do not come into play with this, so feel free to sugar up all you want. We all deserve a treat every once in a while and if Cinna Pop Deez is going to do it for you, then, so be it. You don't even have to bother about the annoying curds that get stuck in your teeth because, with Cinna Pop Deez, you don't have to deal with that. This juice calls for a movie and a night-in if you ask us. So what do you say? Cinna Pop Deez?

certified Dicetyl and Acetonin free

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