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Based out of Denver, Colorado, Sicboy Industries by Kevin “Sicboy”, Kirkpatrick and Dave King (best friends for over 13 years).

Kevin had been vaping since e-cigs first hit the market years ago, with Dave following soon after, and after some pushing from their friend Cory Vigil from Boosted, they decided to apply their experience and knowledge to the e-liquid market.

Juice names are inspired by Sicboy’s sick sense of humour. The flavours are originated based on their favorite foods. Kevin and Dave worked diligently to create high-end e-liquids that truly showcased their passion for vaping and the vaping community.

Sicboy industries premium e-liquid

After months of long nights working hard, the Sicboy team came up with a flavour line that has exploded onto the vaping scene with a great deal of fanfare.


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By using only the best ingredients available, Sicboy e-liquids are meant to be “all day vapes”, designed not to tire the palate. Featuring a unique line-up of many delicious varieties:

Catatonic – A sweet blueberry cheese cake topped with a light cinnamon crumble.

Deviant – An amazing mix of cherry strudel and vanilla custard 

M.B.Y.C. – An extra creamy pralines and cream with a vanilla custard back note.

Sicker Than Most – A creamy strawberry tangerine with a hint of blueberry.

Your Mom – Sicboy’s newest flavor! A perfect fusion of Strawberry, Nectarine, Yogurt 

Wedding Crasher - Carrot cake with cream cheese icing

Irreverence - Strawberry Napoleon

M.B.Y.C. Fried - Delicious balls of rich, creamy, decadent praline ice cream… Just like the original best-selling M.B.Y.C…  But these cold, yummy balls of ice creamy goodness are coated in batter and deep fried to perfection.

PG/VG Ratio:  70% VG/ 30% PG

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