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Shijin Vapor Eliquid • 100ml 70VG/30PG

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Shijin Vapor Eliquid • 70VG/30PG

SHIJIN: The ancient, mythical, far-eastern guardians of the North, South, East, and West.

For Tony, quitting smoking was a matter of life and death.

Tony, the founder, and owner of Shijin Vapor, used e-cigarettes to quit smoking nearly a decade ago when his daughter’s life depended on him being smoke-free. He instantly recognized the potential value in sharing his success with others, and what started as lifesaving measures for his family became the foundation of who we are today. From wholesale import to hardware sales to custom e-juice, Tony’s vision continued to grow and change as vaping exploded across the United States. Shijin Vapor was born from innovation, a desire to be ahead of the market, and to create trends, not follow them.

Our premium e-juice is handcrafted and professionally produced.

 Shijin Vapor creates your liquids under rigorous quality control measures. Our premium e-juice is handcrafted in California, and we are committed to leading the industry with our safe production methods. We have a 2500 sf ISO 8000 certified clean room dedicated to the sanitary creation of the liquids you intake. With the rapid increase in popularity of electronic cigarettes, more and more would-be businesses are creating questionable e-liquids in their home or garage. Unsanitary practices in our industry are a significant issue and buyers must be knowledgable and aware.

Shijin Vapor leads the industry in quality, service, and satisfaction.

We are dedicated to our customers in all facets of our business. We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction. Not only do we value first-class customer service, but we are also determined to provide you the best e-cigarette juice on the market. We have invested in substantial research to ensure that our loyal customers receive only top-quality e-juice. We know when you try our e-liquids, you will taste the difference.

We will never compromise our quality, flavor, or safety standards. We will listen to what our customers want and fight for what they need. And we will fight fiercely for this industry and our vaping community.

Our handcrafted, premium e-juice is available onlineandin vape shops across North America with more being added worldwide on a regular basis. Choose your exclusive Shijin Vapor e-liquid today!


Freshly baked cinnamon rolls with icing topped with creamy vanilla ice cream

Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls glazed over in icing but we took cinnamon buns one step further by topping it with a decadent creamy vanilla ice cream. Dragon Cloud is the perfect e-juice for vapers' who enjoy a nice hot savory vape; with the bold flavors of cinnamon balanced out with the sweetness from the frosting and the creaminess from the vanilla ice cream, it is the perfect juice to satisfy any sweet tooth cravings. • Ratio: 85%/15% VG/PG


Freshly baked cinnamon sugar cookies filled with vanilla custard and topped with a strawberry cream

One of the four original creations from Shijin Vapor's lab made even better, Phoenix Tears is a bold and complex e-juice flavor that will appeal to any vape enthusiast who enjoys vaping custards, creams, savories and desserts. Right from the inhale, you would be hit with the rich taste of a snickerdoodle cookie filled with just the right amount of decadent vanilla custard and that is not the end of it, just for that added special touch, we finished it off with a dollop of strawberry whipped cream.


Black milk tea with peach

Want to satisfy your milk tea craving but all of your local spots are closed? Well now you can satisfy that craving just by vaping at the comforts of your own home. Tiger's Milk is a bold yet subtle ejuice; with the tartness from a peach mixed with the creaminess from the milk along with the earthy flavors of the black tea gives this juice the perfect balance of tart, cream & earthiness in a vape.


Blue Raspberry and Green Apple with a sweet sherbet aftertones

Tortoise Blood started from humble beginnings and quickly rose to become one of the leading blue raspberry green apple sherbet flavors in the vape industry winning best e-liquid at ECC Ontario 2017 & 2018. On the inhale, you get a nice mellow tone of crisp green apples. After your tastebuds get hit with green apple you will then experience a combination of blue raspberry and creamy sherbet. This complex flavor is the perfect all-day vape; it's balanced flavor flavor profile makes this ejuice not too sweet but just sweet enough to satisfy any vaper looking for a nice refreshing fruit flavor.


Blue raspberry green apple sherbet with a menthol kick

From the makers of Tortoise Blood and Tortoise on the Rocks, our newest rendition, Tortoise on Ice will satisfy any vape enthusiast who are into fruit flavored menthols. Even with the noticeable menthol kick with each inhale, you will still have the full flavored experience of the green apple-blue raspberry sherbet that our Shijin Vapor supporters have grown to know and love over the years. Tortoise on Ice was the final Tortoise Blood ejuice rendition to complete what we call "The Tortoise Trio".


Our classic flavor of Blue Raspberry and Green Apple blended with Spearmint Bubble Gum.

Imagine Tortoise Blood but with a twist! We decided to have a little fun with our ejuice recipe and added a little something that would nicely complement the green apple and blue raspberry flavor that is in our original Tortoise Blood. Then came the idea and creation of Tortoise on the Rocks, which has that same green apple and blue raspberry flavor Shijin Vapor fans have grown to know and love. However, we decided to add a touch of spearmint and bubblegum to make it a nice refreshing vape that is not too overly heavy on the sweetness, fruit, spearmint or bubblegum. Making it a nicely balanced all-day vape.

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