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Oceania Liquid Labs

Redback Juice Co. • 100ml 70VG/30PG (Australia)

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The NEWEST Ausssie eliquid line from the fine folks at Oz Elquids!

Fantastic unique fruit flavours, fresh for an Aussie summer!

The entire Redback Juice Co. range also makes a great gift idea!

Available in 10ml or 100ml packs in attractively designed boxes

Gift boxes samplers contain 1 each of either (small) 10ml or (large) 100ml,

  • starfruit watermelon
  • grape black/blueberry
  • blue raspberry
  • apple pomegranate
  • mango dragonfruit

NEW! ICE SHOTS from Redback!
10ml CHILL!

Add a dose of chill to your favourite Redback Juice Co. flavours!
Use sparingly by adding individual drops to achieve required chill level.

Warning! This ICE SHOT is not Ready To Vape! Dilute to taste in your favourite eliquid to provide a chill...

Blood Orange, Passionfruit, and Guava:

The new member of the Redback family is a juicy tropical blend to make your mouth water.

Apple & Pomegranate:

The juiciest vape in town.Sweet crisp apple meets subtly sour pomegranate in this perfectly balanced flavour. Think freshly pressed apple juice with a tantalising twist.

Blue Raspberry:

Fruity, refreshing and full of flavour, Blue Raspberry packs a palatable punch. This all-day-vape is characterised by an unmistakeable berry flavour with a delicate dose of grape.

Grape, Black & Blueberry:

A forest fruit explosion on the inhale with a refreshing grape exhale, this mouth-watering medley leaves you longing for more.
Mango & Dragonfruit:

BIG mango flavours in this dreamy tropical delight. Think sun-kissed beach days, fruit-filled cocktails and warm summer evenings. A mango sensation with the perfect measure of exotic dragonfruit. What the hell does dragonfruit taste like? Native to central America, we’d describe this delicious fruit as the tropical love baby of a pear and a kiwi

Starfruit & Watermelon:

Watermelon is definitely the hero of this juicy fruit-bomb. Sweet watermelon meets a hint of sour starfruit in this fresh and tropical flavour. What the hell does starfruit taste like? This tropical South-East Asian fruit is jam-packed with cocktail vibes, combining sour citrus with slightly sweeter apple and grape flavours.

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