ProVari P3 VV/VW Mod

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ProVari 3

available in Satin Silver • Polished Stainless • Zombie • Black Satin • Celtic Knot  • Raspberry Red • Gloss White  • Deep Sea Blue • Vaporforce Stealth • Titanium Vaporforce Stealth • Iced Stainless • Titanium • Tiffany Blue • Gun Metal Grey

All P3s include the upgraded v38 firmware which allows vaping down to 0.5 ohms

All models easily upgraded to future firmware editions here at Victory Vape

The ProVari 3 is a powerful microprocessor controlled PV that lets you adjust and fine tune the device to your exact preferences by adjusting the power (in voltage or wattage), along with a number of great new features never before seen. The ProVari 3 uses the latest technology to bring you some new and exciting features. The ProVari 3 has regulated power output which keeps the voltage or wattage the same with each puff regardless of your remaining battery power. As the battery drains, the device will keep the power output consistent, giving you the perfect vapor all day long. Now you can dial-in the perfect settings for your tank or atomizer, and e-liquids.

Translucent 7 color lighted push button acts as a low battery alert and allows you to select from 7 color choices when the button is pressed (except for Vaporforce Stealth which is a blacked out button)
Battery mileage gauge tells you how much energy is available to the atomiser
Left & Right handed mode allows the user to select which way the display reads
Check All mode allows the user to see all their critical settings at a quick glance (adjustable settings)
Scroll speed adjust allows you to select the speed of the scrolling menu
1 Year Warranty: Excludes accessories like batteries and atomizers
3.5” L x 0.90 D without atomizer. Each extension ring adds .65``
Flat top design provides a clean hybrid look with your favorite tank
Standard device comes with two extension rings allowing you to use one device for all three battery sizes (18350,18500,18650)
Unique digital serial number on each device for added security
Proudly made in the USA

OLED brightness adjustment


NOTE: Some models are 20W, some models have the 30W upgrade

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