Pontus RTA by Ehpro


The Pontus is an original style dripping/tank atomizer designed by EHPRO. The top portion of the tank holds about 3.8ml of e-liquid and the driptip can be pressed down to conveniently drip your e-liquid into the bottom chamber through the 2 drip holes that are located on both sides above where your coils would be built. The base of the Pontus is a simple 3 post design similar to the TOBH RDA that can handle dual coils. The cyclops airholes are also adjustable for nice airflow control. This RDA works best with thicker (higher VG content) juice and you may experience a small amount of leakage down into the bottom chamber of your coils if you using thinner juice (higher PG content).


1x Pontus RDA by EHPRO

1x Drip Tip

1x Extra Glass Piece

1x Bag of O-Rings

Wick & wire

Gift box

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