Onslaught RDA - Tobeco Clone - Stainless


Onslaught RDA - Tobeco Clone - Stainless

The Onslaught RDA clone Tobeco of the Psywars original by is a triple negative post dripper, making triple coils a breeze. The center positive post has six sets of holes to accommodate for your three negative posts to make building this device efficiently. Featuring cyclops airflow holes and an AFC ring to let the user adjust to their desired setting. If you're one to build triple coils, the Onslaught RDA is the one for you.


  • 22mm diameter
  • 304 grade stainless steel top cap and base
  • 6 Cyclops air flow control
  • CNC machined hexagonal positive pole with 5 multiple 5 mm slanted holes
  • 3 negative poles with 2mm holes
  • triple Cyclops air hole
  • 5 mm deep juice well
  • All fabricated hex screws
  •  Peek insulators

Package Contents:

1 - Gift Box
1 - Onslaught Stainless
1 - Screw Driver
3 - Spare O-Ring
4 - Extra Screws
1 - Length Silica Wick
1 - Length Kanthal Wire

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