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Old Fashioned Elixir (OFE) Eliquids • Tobacco Lane Line • 60ml

Old Fashioned Elixir (OFE) Eliquids • Tobacco Lane Line • 60ml

The Beginning

The creators of Old Fashioned Elixir have watched the vape industry evolve dramatically in just a few short years. The industry has grown from small vape pens and cig-alikes to the development of sophisticated mods and the complex e-liquids that grace the shelves of today’s vape shop. We recognize that crafting the perfect e-liquid is an art form, and we’re honored to share our passion with so many of you.

Our Mission

Old Fashioned Elixir began in 2014 with a simple mission: to develop the very best tobacco flavored e-liquid on the market, driven by the creator’s desire to help smokers transition to vaping. Knowing that the first step of a smoker moving to vaping is often a tobacco flavored liquid, the flavors of what now makes up Tobacco Lane were painstakingly crafted to provide the familiar comfort of some of the most popular cigarette brands around.

Original Bold

Bold, American tobacco flavors perfectly blended to create an authentic cigarette experience with solid throat hit and rugged appeal.

Classic Light

Subtle tobacco flavor that provides the smooth experience you expect from your favorite light cigarette brand.

Turkish Blend

Exotic tobacco blend treats you to the unique, flavorful experience of classic Turkish-blend cigarettes

Cool Menthol

Crisp, refreshing menthol meets traditional American tobacco recreating the satisfying experience of your favorite menthol cigarette.