Natural Nine by Standard Functions• Authentic hybrid Mech Mod & RDA with copper and SS tubes


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Natural Nine Mod by Standard Functions (18350 or 18650)
The Natural Nine is the newest release in the Standard Functions mechanical mod family. Nicknamed “The Gambler’s Mod,” the Natural Nine follows a baccarat theme with its stainless steel “Player” tube and copper “Banker” tube. The Natural Nine also features silver plated positive and negative contacts, a spring loaded, recessed brass switch with a reverse-threaded locking ring, and the revolutionary 9 RDA. The 9 RDA has a brass contact, deep wells, large post holes, in-tank cooling space with a resistance shield to capture maximum flavor, and a new top-adjustable airflow path. Each Natural Nine also features detailed, laser engravings.

Natural Nine Mod Features:
  • -Precision machined, virtually seamless tubes to accommodate either an 18350 or 18650 battery
  • -Stainless steel “Player” tube
  • -Copper “Banker” tube
  • -Spring loaded, recessed, brass firing button with reverse-threaded locking ring
  • -Silver-plated contacts
  • -Telescopic top contact
  • -Detailed laser engravings
The 9 RDA Features:
  • -Brass contact
  • -Four-piece, double sleeved, stainless steel construction
  • -Deep wells
  • -Thee posts with large post holes
  • -New top adjustable airflow with heat sink resistance shield to capture maximum flavor
  • -Single or dual airflow option
  • -Plenty of in-tank cooling space

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