Nasty Juices Tobacco series (Malaysia) • 70VG/30PG 60ml


Nasty Juices Tobacco series (Malaysia) • 70VG/30PG 60ml

The newest line from Nasty Juices, their luxurious Tobacco Series!

60ml 70VG/30PG unicorn bottles in metal boxes!

Nasty Tobacco series


SILVER • Enjoy the exquisite and elegant taste of tobacco, with hints of vanilla custard in Nasty's Tobacco Silver Blend. Using high quality ingredients and produced by the world famous Nasty Juice, this tobacco e-liquid series is definitely one you don't want to miss.

BRONZE • The exquisite taste of Nasty Juice's Tobacco Series - Bronze. A smooth tobacco flavour accompanied with the sweet and creaminess of caramel vanilla to give this e-liquid a unique flavour that will get you hooked. Try out this awesome e-juice today!

GOLD • The real deal. Nasty Juice Tobacco Series - Gold is a tobacco flavoured e-liquid with a hint of almond added to give it a rich, yet smooth and flavourful vaping experience.

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