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Nasty Juices Shisha Series (Malaysia) • 70VG/30PG 60ml

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Nasty Juice have created a new signature range of vape juices captivating the famous Shisha flavours. These vibrant blends using exotic and traditional flavours all carrying a similar characteristic with a slight charcoalish edge. Exceeding expectations, as Nasty Juice always do.

Double Apple:While many brands have covered the tobacco flavours, Nasty Juice is probably the first to make shisha inspired e-liquid. Double Apple is one of those classic shisha bar favourites, pairing the sweeter notes of red apples with a juicy and slightly sour granny smith.

Grape Raspberry:A shisha inspired vape favourite, Grape Raspberry is just the right balance of sour and sweet. The flavour of red grapes is present throughout, making for a full bodied fruity base note, complemented by a pop of raspberry to make things just a little bit tangy on the exhale.

Lemon Mint:Arguably the most refreshing flavour in the shisha range, this e-liquid combines the piquant flavours of freshly squeezed lemon with the herbaceous note of mint. Refreshingly sour on the inhale with the tones of garden mint coming through on the exhale, it’s a well-rounded and invigorating vape.

Green Grape:Clean, green and simple, Green Grape is a crisp and vibrant e-liquid. The flavour of green grapes is full-bodied and a balance between sweet and slightly tangy, making for a wonderfully fruity vape that never gets too sickly.

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