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Mr. Devices

Mister Devices Handwound Australian Coils • Pair

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Mister Devices Handwound Australian Coils • pair

Mr. Devices' (Tony Asmar) range of beautifully handcrafted coils made in Australia

Each selection features a pair of coils

note: ohms listed are approximate and may vary slightly


NEW! Single Coil Selection - DotAIO Alien (3x30g/38g)

Triple Core Micro Alien 
3x30 gauge Twisted Messes Ni80 cores 
38 gauge Twisted Messes Ni80 fuse
2.5 mm internal diameter
Single Coil Resistance 0.45 Ohms (Approximately) 
1 Set = 2 Single Coils 
NOTE: Reverse wraped to suit the DotAio RBA and my not fit in all single coil attys due to legs being positioned in an opposing direction.


NEW! Alien Invasion – Area 29 (3x29g/37g)

Triple core Aliens
3×29 gauge Sandvik Ni80 cores
37 gauge Twisted Messes Ni80 fuse
Single coil resistance 0.40 Ohms (Approximately)
1 Set = 2 Coils
The Potentiometer Coil – You will never need anything else for your series potentiometer devices, Area 29.
* Be sure to check the Coil Installation and Maintenance Guide link to enjoy the full potential of your coils.

Mouth to Lung Love

A passion of mine has always been a mouth to lung vape. After many years of perfecting the experience nothing comes close to this coil. A Micro Fused Clapton designed to be used in a single coil rta, high resistance low wattage to withstand the tightest of air flows without overheating.

Wire specifications are going to remain a secret. Too much time and love has gone into perfecting the combination of wire materials and guages so you are just going to have to trust, vape, and enjoy.

Single coil resistance 1.00, 0.9, 0.7 or 0.4 ohms choices (Approximately)


Tube Tamer

5 Loop double braid. Perfect for the single battery tube or squonk mech mod lovers. Super quick ramp up and amazing flavour.


36 gauge Sandvik Ni80

Single coil resistance 0.20 Ohms (Approximately)


Single Coil Selection - 7 Loop Stunner

A 7 loop flat braid providing cool to medium heat, very quick ramp up due to how flat it is and can chain vape without burning your lips because it cools down very quickly, many pockets for juice to work into giving amazing flavour.

7 loop braid 34 gauge Sandvik Ni80 

Single coil resistance 0.30 ohms (Approximately) 


Single Coil Selection – Alien

Quad Core Alien 


4x28 gauge Sandvik Ni80 cores 

36 gauge Sandvik Ni80 fuse

Single Coil Resistance 0.18 Ohms (Approximately) 



Alien Invasion - Series Alien

For all you series mech mod lovers out there. Thin core wires and fuse creating a super fast ramp up and the amazing flavour you would normally get from an alien coil. 

3x30 gauge Sandvik Ka1 cores

38 gauge Sandvik Ni80 fuse

Single Coil Resistance 0.80 (Approximately)


Alien Invasion - Alien 1

Triple core Aliens 

3x28 gauge Sandvik Ni80 cores 

36 gauge Sandvik Ni80 fuse 

Single coil resistance 0.30 Ohms (Approximately)


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