Lost Art Liquids • E-juice • 30ml 0mg

$15.00 $22.00

Lost Art Liquids is a premium e-liquid brand created and bottled in California that features fun flavors that are reminiscent of favorite childhood foods.

Beez Kneez
Enjoy a spoonful of your favorite honey flavored cereal every time you vape this e-liquid, A perfect all day, creamy vape!

Unicorn Puke
Scoops of rainbow sherbet ice cream make this a perfect summertime vape, full of every colour of the rainbow and the flavours that accompany!

Cottontail Cream
The perfect balance of sweet strawberries and cream. An addicting vape that you won't be able to put down!

Space Rockz
A sweet and fruity strawberry kiwi pop rocks candy flavour!

Kaptain Peanut Butter Krunch
Remember Saturday Morning cartoons? This recreates one of our favorite breakfast cereals!

Gummy Glu
Imagine all of your favorite sweet and sour gummy candies thrown into a blender...and then transformed into E liquid!

Slotter Pops

Like a blue and red icy pops! In USA they call them Otter Pops...an ice cold mixed berry popsicle flavor that will remind you of the hot summer days by the pool.

Lost Art Liquids uses the highest grade ingredients available. All liquid is created and bottled in the state of California. Our liquid blends are comprised of 40% PG | 60% VG

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