Loire Vapeur • French Macaron E-juice • Made in France • 30ml 0mg


France in a Bottle

Coconut Macaron • Pear Macaron • Vanilla Macaron • Strawberry Macaron

We live in a time where society is rushed, our future is planned, and gratification is chased. Rarely do we stop, breathe in the air and live in the moment. Loire’s vapeur liquide embodies the true essence of a French lifestyle where class and sophistication meet relaxation and siestas.

Take a moment and enjoy a macaron. This is Loire. This is France in a Bottle. 

High quality ingredients are found when taking the time to search for them. Taking the time means perfecting a special craft. Loire's vapeur liquide is inspired from a true master of his craft who has perfected the french macaron in Vallée de la Loire, France.

The macaron is a colorful french pastry that exemplifies complexity through simplicity. Loire’s french macaron recipe includes a signature blend of carefully selected, all-natural ingredients, imported from France.

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