King's Crown E-juices (by Suicide Bunny) • 30ml or 60ml • 0mg

$15.00 $28.00

From the folks at Suicide Bunny, a brand new line, The King's Crown!

Vape like Royalty! You deserve the best!

30ml or 60ml• 70% VG / 30% PG

Bound by the Crown

This is it: the e-liquid that will capture your attention — and keep it forever. Sweet custard. Spice. Ripened stone fruits. It’s a twist on traditional fruit flavors. When the crown calls, you will answer.

Claim Your Throne

Our practice has made Claim Your Throne perfect. Enjoy a blend of sweet creams, butterscotch, and brown sugar. There’s nothing else like it anywhere. So don’t take the plunge unless you’re ready for something unique.

Fight Your Fate

Your day is what you make of it. And Fight Your Fate is the juice to take with you on your journey. This beautifully crafted liquid will wrap you in tart lemons and sweet ripe-ripe strawberries. It all combines to create the experience you dream of.

The King

When you aim high, you can achieve wonders. And The King is the juice that towers above all else. It’s a sophisticated liquid birthed from imagination and dedication, perfectly balanced, and infused with mysterious flavors to make a nice roasted peanut butter sugar cookie! Savory and sweet!

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