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King's Crest E Liquid

The winner of, "Best in Show,"  at Vape Summit in Houston for their amazing flavor, Duchess, is here! The e liquid line, King's Crest, will re-create everything you thought you knew in unique flavor profiles!!
More than seven months ago, Manny and Drew, two vaping community experts, decided that their passion was to create hand crafted and perfected flavor profiles and King's Crest was born. Previously working for a local vape shop, the two partners banned together and created the beginning of King's Crest: Don Juan and Duchess. They were surprised by how well their flavors were received.
After a few months of working together, they added a third partner, Ben to the mix where they continued to grow their line into the full array of six flavors. Then Vape Summit arrived, and these incredible juice makers won, "Best in Show," for their flavor, Duchess. Although Duchess won best in show, don't be fooled; each flavor stands alone from King's Crest, and each one will be your next all day vape.  

Duchess 30ml

Duchess by King's Crest, the Vape Summit Houston, award winning flavor, "Best in Show," is finally here! This amazing creamy tres leches flavor will blow your mind! This softly sweetened milk cake all day vape is one of the best juices we have ever tried; and we aren't under exaggerating. This juice is silky, not too sweet, smooth, and fantastically blended. This juice will be one of your favorite's too? And why wouldn't it be? It didn't win Best in Show for nothing!!

Duchess Reserve 30ml

Duchess Reserve by King's Crest is here!! King's Crest, the creators of the award winning line at Vape Summit II has done it again with Duchess Reserve!! King's Crest has won yet again for their amazing flavor, Duchess Reserve at Vape Summit IV a year later! Let us tell you, this flavor is absolutely a must if you love dessert vapes and all things fantastic. Duchess Reserve is the amazing Duchess (a tres leches cake) you know and love with a few added ingredients that make it fuller and richer. 

Duke 30ml

Duke by King's Crest e liquid is a cream, vanilla, custard, unique and indescribable undertones that will keep your mouth watering all day. You won't want to put this flavor down throughout the day. If you've been looking for a new and unique custard, than you have come to the right place. King's Crest is the ultimate juice line to give you what you crave.

Blue Queen 30ml

Blue Queen by King's Crest E Liquid is an exotic blend of kiwi and blue raspberry cotton candy with a hint of hibiscus on a savory base. This juice is unique, well balanced, and alluring. Slightly sweet, yet amazingly blended, you will absolutely adore all of the complexities that will delight you day in and day out. You will love the different flavors that swirl on your taste buds in a fantastic way.

Don Juan 30ml

Don Juan is by King's Crest description, "A mesmerizing, butter pecan pie," and it truly is mesmerizing. Don Juan will entice your senses, warm your taste buds, and become your next all day vape. This juice is a dessert vape, however, it is most definitely savory enough to be added to your new rotation.

Don Juan Reserve 30ml

Don Juan Reserve  is finally here and we are so ridiculously stoked! The original flavor, Don Juan, was a Victory Vape favorite: pecan pie topped with vanilla ice cream. Now, the newest rendition incorporates chocolate and sweet coconut. A pecan, chocolate, coconut pie, topped with vanilla ice cream!

Monarch 30ml

Monarch by King's Crest is the ultimate strawberry and banana cream e liquid. This juice is exceptionally light, airy, and bright. It will for sure be your next all day vape in your vaping rotation. Combinations of simple flavor bases and an out of this world creamy mix will make your day.

Empire 30ml

Empire by King's Crest is a sweet rum raisin that is savory and complex with warm undertones of mild tobacco. You've found a winner! Empire is the ultimate of amazing. This juice is something you definitely need to try for your next all day vape.


NEW! STRAWBERRY DUCHESS RESERVE in larger 60 ml bottle!

King's Crest retains the reputation of providing delicious vape juice with Strawberry Duchess Reserve! A play on a fan favorite; Strawberry Duchess is the quintessential fruit and dessert e-liquid. The front note of this e-juice begins with a flood of familiarity with a deep tres leches cake flavor profile that many have come to love. As the vape juice matures across your palate, an emergence of ripe strawberries bursts through the flavor body providing your tongue with an unforgettable taste. A sugary sweet expansion of flavor occurs as the back note expertly mixes juicy strawberries with a deep cake note.

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