Killer Kustard by Vapetasia - 100ml


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Vapetasia created one of the best pure, deep, rich and smooth custard vapor flavor's in the E liquid industry. Killer Kustard delivers an unbelievably smooth, rich, sweet and sumptuous vanilla custard vapor that will make you smack your lips with every vape. No wonder it is the top selling custard flavor e juice in the world.

Available in Original and Strawberry versions! In 100ml Chubby Gorilla botttles

Experience the award winning flavor experience from Vapetasia! Killer Kustard has won awards for “best dessert flavour” as well as regularly being named as one of the “best pure custard profiles in the industry”. This decadently rich flavor delivers bold custard tones with complimentary notes of complex vanilla enhanced by the perfect amount of sweetness. The ultimate in luxurious vape sensations, Killer Kustard is widely recognized as perhaps the perfect all day vape. Smooth, creamy, and sweet are all waiting for you in a bottle of Killer Kustard by Vapetasia.

Vapetasia is building on the incredible popularity of their delicious Killer Kustard e-liquid with a new formulation! Strawberry Killer Kustard takes the tried and true Killer Kustard vanilla custard base and mixes it with the tantalizing flavors of fresh ripe strawberries. Named one of the “best pure custard flavor profiles in the industry”, the Killer Kustard base is a boldly decadent and perfectly sweetened custard enhanced with delicate vanilla tones. The addition of bright and juicy strawberries provides the perfect amount of tartness while adding yet another dimension of flavor to this already delectable blend. Try the classic Killer Kustard with an inspired twist by adding a bottle of Strawberry Killer Kustard to your kart, or cart, today!

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