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Kanger Subtank Vertical OCC coils (5 Pack)

Kangers new SubTank OCC Vertical coils are even better than before. These newly designed atomizers are now equipped with larger juice holes and a vertical coil. These changes now allow you to use even the thickest of e-liquids. Grab these replacements and feel the difference.
The coils have a RED O-ring at the base

In the package:
5 x OCC coils: 0.5 ohm (operating range 15 to 60 watts)


5 x OCC coils: 1.2 ohm (operating range range 12-25 watts)


5 X OCC coils: 1.5 ohm (operating range 10-26 watts)

Warning: The Kanger Subtank uses a sub-ohm resistance atomizer. Sub-ohms can be dangerous if you do not have the right gear. It will only work on a mechanical mod with a battery capable of 30 watts or higher, or an electronic mod capable of 15 watts or higher. You must be sure that your mod and batteries can handle sub ohm coils! If you’re using an electronic mod, make sure it and the battery you use (if removable) can handle the amperage. For mechanical mod users, please use 30 amp batteries or higher. use an Ohms Law calculator and check your amps…be safe!

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