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The Kanger NEBOX is the latest offering from Kanger. In short, the NEBOX is an all-in-one device boasting both temperature control functionality and a maximum output of 60 watts. The all-in-one design means there is a 10ml capacity tank hidden away in the mod itself which makes the NEBOX one of the most ergonomically comfortable and portable devices available.

The Kanger NEBOX Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get started, with the exception of an 18650 flat-top battery (sold separately).


  • All-in-one design meaning maximum portability and comfort in the hand.
  • Temperature Control - 100-300°C / 200-600°F
  • 10ml capacity built in tank
  • 7-60 watt output adjustable in 0.1 watt increments
  • TC mode supports both Nickel and Titanium with a mode for each
  • Employs use of Ni200, SSOCC, OCC and included RBA
  • Pass through capable 
  • Requires 1 x 18650 Flat-top battery- Min 20A discharge (sold separately)
  • Choose your battery below:

    Sony VTC4
    LG HE-2
    Samsung 25R
    AW IMR


  • 1 x NEBOX
  • 1 x SSOCC 0.15 ohm installed (nickel with stainless steel coating for Temp Control)
  • 1 x SSOCC 0.5 ohm (newly designed stainless steel OCC)
  • 1 x removable drip tip
  • RBA pre-built coil x 2
  • RBA Mini (juice holes on side as with Subox kit RBA)
  • Japanese cotton sheet
  • Authenticity code user guide
  • SSOCC caution card
  • User manual
  • Magic Blue Screwdriver
  • USB Cable
  • Battery stickers

Coil ratings:

  • Ni200, Ti and Nichrome, 0.15-1.3Ω
  • Nichrome (OCC) 0.3Ω or above (above 1.3Ω, power cannot drive to 60W)

Useful Information for the NEBOX:

The NEBOX is constructed from Zinc alloy and Aluminium alloy. All colour options come with a removable black drip tip. The NEBOX features a LCD display screen showing battery level, wattage setting, temp setting in either °F or °C and the ohm rating or resistance of the coil being used.

The NEBOX also features the ability to input whether you are using a brand new or previously used coil. When replacing the coil you are prompted to choose between using a "New Load" or an "Old Load". The idea behind this is to "calibrate the coil resistance for Ni 200 or Ti coils".

To prevent any potential leaking issues, we suggest charging the NEBOX on its side, as this will stop the heat from the charging cycle from pushing out eliquid out of the airflow. We also suggest storing the device upside down when not in use.


The NEBOX uses three different modes. M1 is for use of nickel wire such as with the Ni 200s and newly designed SSOCC 0.15ohm coils. M2 is designed for use with Titantium wire, and lastly M3 is wattage mode and will fire the coil irrespective of the temperature of the coil in the exact same way a non temperature contol variable wattage device works, such as the Kbox mini from the Subox starter kit.

In both M1 and M2 modes, the NEBOX will cut off the output once the coil reaches the pre-set temperature. The wattage setting whilst in M1 and M2 mode will simply speed up or slow down the time it takes to reach the pre-set temperature. 


The NEBOX also makes use of 6 presets. Somewhat confusingly these presets are also labelled with the prefix "M". M1 to M4 offer four presets for use with temp control and M5 to M6 offer two presets for use in wattage mode. The general idea here is to have a high and low setting for nickel (M1 and M2), titanium (M3 and M4) and wattage mode (M5 and M6) but the user can change the value of these presets to suit whatever set up they want.

Lastly it should be mentioned that there is no airflow control on the NEBOX and therefore this device is designed for a direct lung inhale only. The NEBOX is not suitable for a mouth to lung inhale style of vaping. 

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