Jelly by Twonk Ejuice • Brillz • 30 ml 0 mg

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Twonk by Jelly

Strawberry jam-filled donut coated with powdered sugar!

Born from a covert development project between a world-class group of e-liquid mixologists and Brillz, feast your lungs on Twonk Juice Their debut flavor “Jelly” is meticulously blended by the same artisanal geniuses responsible for the most highly-revered e-liquids on the planet. Here’s what vape industry insiders have to say about Jelly by Twonk Juice.

“Jelly has a simple flavor profile that makes it hard not to fall in love on your first draw: a delectable, gourmet strawberry jelly-filled donut that has just triumphantly exited a powdered sugar waterfall to deliver a unique taste like no other. It features a perfect balance of fresh strawberry jam-turned-jelly and creamy dough that’s risen to perfection”

Australians note: "Jelly" means "Jam" in this context :) not Jell-o gelatin!

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