Hobo Joe's Poor Man's Premium E-juice • 120 ml 0 mg • Max VG


Hobo Joe's mission is to provide premium juice without a premium price!

From Louisiana, USA!

In newly designed 120 ml bottles
120ml 0 mg • max VG

NEW! Gunk

Gunk is a creamy praline e juice that is full of flavour. This could easily become your all day vape.

NEW! Slime

Strawberry e liquid that is full of flavour, Alongside the main flavour you get hints of a sweet candy style vape. Very fresh and mouthwatering.


Wow!! Such a complexity of flavors with this cream, cake and exotic fruit blend. Hobo Joe’s ADV!! Delicious!!


Hobo Joe discovered this creamy milkshake blend behind his favorite drive in! Hints of strawberry amongst the creamy goodness!


Hobo Joe happened upon this one at the end of a rainy day behind the farmers market! 
A berry delicious blend! Fruit galore!


A sweet and tart combination of fruits to make you pucker up...just like Sweet Tarts lollies in USA, grape, cherry, blue raspberry, lemon, lime, and orange...sour undertones...sweet finish!


A decadent fruity blend inspired by Hobo Joe’s favorite yogurt shop! You’ll love it! Like frozen yogurt made from the finest free range rainbow fed unicorns from a tropical land...nice kiwi and strawberry notes...


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