Flavor Drips Eliquid by VGOD • 60ml Max VG


New from VGOD! Flavor Drips

60ml Max VG in Unicorn Bottles

Flavor Drips Pink Lemonade

Flavor Drips, Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade by Flavor Drips is a refreshing cold glass of sweet pink lemonade with just a dash of tart to complete a satisfying all-day vape!

Flavor Drips Vanilla Custard

Flavor Drips, Vanilla Custard
Vanilla Custard by Flavor Drips is a rich vanilla in a blend of creamy custard to create a delectable combination!

Flavor Drips Meteor

Flavor Drips, Meteor
Meteor by Flavor Drips is is a succulent combination of fresh RY4 tobacco, rich and creamy vanilla, and an elegant drizzle of thick caramel to create a succulent all-day vape!

Flavor Drips Cafe Macchiato

Flavor Drips, Cafe Macchiato
Cafe Macchiato by Flavor Drips is a fresh brewed coffee served with fresh cream and rich caramel to provide a sweet and satisfying all-day vape!

Flavor Drips Chocolate Donut

Flavor Drips, Chocolate Donut
Chocolate Donut by Flavor Drips is a succulent fresh out of the oven donut, smothered in thick and creamy chocolate to create a delicious dessert all-day vape!

Flavor Drips Freeze

Flavor Drips, Freeze
Freeze by Flavor Drips is an arctic blast of fresh ice served on the peak of Mount Everest to provide a refreshing vape experience! Great alone or mixed with your favorite e-Liquids!

Flavor Drips Strawberry Shortcake

Flavor Drips, Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry Shortcake by Flavor Drips is a fresh New York cheesecake served with a excessive amount of sweet strawberries to create a delicious all-day vape!

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