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Efest Luc V4 • Four Bay Battery Charger + Car Adapter


Efest LUC V4 • Four Bay Battery Charger

The LUC V4 has four battery channels to charge:

  • 10440
  • 16340
  • 14500
  • 14650
  • 17500
  • 17670
  • 18350
  • 18490
  • 18500
  • 18650/18700
  • 22650
  • 26500/26650 ect
  • Li-Mn or Li-ion


  1. HD mini LCD screen displays precise voltage and battery capacity level.
  2. Each charging channel has independent display of charging status.
  3. Automatically adjusts discharge current to charge different size battery.
  4. 4 kinds of protection – over-discharging, over-voltage, short-circuit and reverse polarity protection.
  5. Automatically stops when fully changed.
  6. With DC wide voltage (12-24V) charging mode


  • Input voltage: DC 12-24V
  • Output voltage: 4.1 ±1%
  • 500mA CC current: > 450mA
  • 1000mAh CC current: > 950mA
  • Cut-off Voltage: 4.2V ± 0.05V
  • TC Current, 0.5-1A: ≤60-120mA
  • Auto recharging Threshold Value voltage: 3.9V ± 0.15mA
  • Activation Voltage ( battery voltage < 2V): 0.45 ±0.15mA
  • Operation Temperature: 0-40°C
  • Storage Temperature : -40 – +70°C
  • Compatible batteries: 10440, 16340, 18350, 18500, 18650, 26650 and so on.

Certification: CE, RoHs, UL( for the plug)Operation:

  • Once the external Power or car charger adapter is connected with the LUC charger, the system begins to self-inspect and battery inspection.
  • LUC charger can change between 500mA or 1000mA current up to different size batteries. Automatically changes to 500mA when batteries is: 10440, 16340, 14500, 18350, 18500, 17500, or changes to 1000mA when battery is: 17670, 18650, 18700, 26500, 26650, 22650 batteries. CV is 4.23V.
  • LCD display ‘Er’(short for Error), charger will be stopped charging automatically when battery voltage is under 2V within 5 seconds, “Er” mark on LCD screen will disappear once battery were took off.
  • Charging Status: with battery voltage and the sign of capacity flickers on LCD screen. Cell fully charged: with battery voltage and the sign of capacity is marked three lines without flicker. Cells fully charged: with battery voltage and the sign of capacity is marked four lines without flicker.
  • When inserting a battery with the wrong positive or negative end, LCD will shows ‘Error’ and stop charging, please insert the batteries to correct polarity.

USB output operation:

  • When USB output is on, but unloaded, it will draw about 12mA.
  • USB output turns off after about 30 seconds with a load below 30mA.
  • It is not possible to turn off the USB output with the switch.
  • When mains power is connected, the USB output is off. The USB Output power source comes from the installed batteries.
  • USB output is coded as Apple 1A
  • USB output will turn off when overloaded


  • Efest LUC V4 Charging system
  • AC and Car Charging adapter/cords
  • Full Color Manual
  • Presentation Box