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Petri Dotmod

DotBottle 10ml Bottle for DotSquonk

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DotBottle 10ml Bottle for DotSquonk

Note: These bottles only fit the mechanical dot squonk, they do not fit the 100w regulated squonk

Large capacity. The proprietary dotBottle boasts a 10ml e-juice reservoir with an ergonomic feel and shape that perfectly sits in the dotSquonk.

Keep it organized. With a wide range of our classic colors you won't reach for the wrong flavor. Collect multiple bottles to trade your ejuice with your friends.

Additional Specifications:
•Silicon Bottle Construction
• 10ml Juice Reservoir
• Designed for dotSquonk
• Hand washable

Red, Blue, Black, Gold, Clear, and Tiffany Blue


One (1) silicon dotBottle
One (1) plastic fill tube
One (1) squonk ready ultem lid
One (1) closed ultem storage lid

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