Donuts Blueberry E-liquid • Marina Vapes • 30ml 0mg


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Donuts E Juice – Blueberry Donuts E Liquid • 30 ml 0 mg

Taste Test:

The Blueberry Donuts E Juice is the closest thing you can get to vaping a blueberry sprinkled donut. Every vape you take is like a bite of fresh blueberry sprinkled donuts. Rich flavors of creme topped off with beautifully glazed, fresh blueberry frosting and sprinkles give you the fresh from the fryer taste. The Blueberry Donuts E Juice is the one of the best renditions we’ve tried to date at Premium Vape Supply! If you love blueberry frosting, you’ll be sure to love the Blueberry Donuts E Juice!

Brand Recognition:

Bottled by Marina Vape, Donuts E Juice has become a household name for one of the best pastry/bakery e liquid flavors in the market. Based out of Southern California, Donuts E Juice made its mainstream appeal in 2015. Highly recognized by their sweet and decadent flavor, they were able to expand their line to multiple flavors including the Original Donuts E Juice, the PBLS Donut E Juice, and the Marshmallow Man E Juice.

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