DOG3 Doge v3 Competition RDA • Authentic by Congrevape


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The DOG3 RDA (or Doge V3) by Congrevape integrates a thinner wall encasing for more powerful airflow intake, a 10.5mm Black Ceramic Drip Tip, significant spacious redesign AFC deck with option of 3 or 4 posts, and an extremely deep 9mm juice well.

The DOG3 RDA by Congrevape is the upgraded edition of the incredibly popular Doge v2 and Doge X v2 RDA, improving every usability aspect, integrating fewer and thinner wall encasing for more powerful intake, a 10.5mm Black Ceramic Drip Tip, significant spacious redesign deck with option of 3 or 4 posts, and an extremely deep 9mm juice well. Specially designed by the Founders of Congrevape, the DOG3 RDA epitomizes the progression of rebuildables with offerings well above its price point. The DOG3 Top Cap features the integration of the top cap and barrel into a singular unified component compare to the old Doge series, resulting in massive build space increased to 20mm due to the thinner wall lining. This engineering prowess enhances the airflow efficiency within the chamber due to the finely-tuned channel, where air delivery goes straight to the core more directly for tremendous airflow intake that users can truly feel. First featured on the Catemizer RDA, the Black Ceramic Drip Tip is the outcome of intensive research in material science and mechanical engineering, creating the signature Congrevape Tip System. It stands at 10.5mm tall with a 17mm outside diameter, utilizing non-toxic Ceramic foundation to greatly reduces heat transfers and practically melt-proof under normal circumstances. The DOG3 Atty most important upgrade is regarding to the deck. Built with interchangeable copper-plated center-post for a triple-post or quad-post design, it provides users the option to use a single hole post or a dual hole post for incredible customizable potential. The Japanese PEEK-insulated deck has been shrunk for increased workable build space that allows easy coil configurations and accommodates enormous options for exotic and large builds. Each negative post holes measures at 2.2mm, as well as the dual-hole center-post while the single-hole center-post is 3mm. The juice well has been drastically enlarged to 9mm deep, allowing more easily set wicking material and extended saturation time. The implementation of adjustable airflow control at the deck base allows greater synergy between coil alignments and cloud delivery preference. Engineered precisely with high-caliber features paired with impressive performance, the DOG3 RDA is the ultimate rebuildable structure for all cloud-chasers.

DOG3 RDA by Congrevape Features:

  • 22mm Diameter

  • 9mm Internal Juice Well

  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction

  • 10.5mm Black Ceramic Bore Drip Tip

  • Unified Top Cap Component

  • Thinner Wall Lining

  • 20mm Spacious Build Chamber

  • AFC Split-Post Deck

  • Deckmilled Negative Posts

  • Single Hole Center-Post Option

  • Dual Holes Center-Post Option (sold separately)

  • 2.2mm Negative Post Terminal Holes

  • 2.2mm Dual Center-Post Terminal Holes

  • 3mm Single Center-Post Terminal Hole

  • High-Temp PEEK Insulators 

  • C110 Copper 510 Contact Pin


  • 1 DOG3 RDA by Congrevape

  • 1 Single Hole Center-Post

  • Spare Screws and O-Rings

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