Titanium Kabuki from HoH • Limited Edition • Provari P3 threaded tank • Authentic!


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P3/510 Kabuki Tank Titanium Special Edition 

Special Edition Titanium Kabuki P3 tank, plus stainless steel P3-510 adapter.

The sophisticated vaper isn't going to be bothered by the day to day grind of coiling an atomiser, the mess of dripping, or the inconsistency of it all. Vaping isn't supposed to be hard work. It's a pursuit of pleasure, an exploration of enjoyment.

But these days, there is a clear-cut line between the artistry of the high-end hand assembled atomizers, and cheaper imports with drop-in coils. The House of Hybrids felt there was a gap in the marketplace for higher-end tank systems that use commonly available replaceable coils.

The Kabuki Tank bridges this gap. It's a sophisticated tank made of the highest quality materials available. The Kabuki positively gleams while sitting atop a high-end vaping device. This new and improved P3/510 Kabuki utilises both the Aspire Nautilus Coils and the new Mini Triton Coils. The main sections of this special edition Kabuki are made out of titanium for the ultimate in lightweight portability. This kit comes with a special edition grey "Kocho" mouthpiece to match the colour of the tank. The P3-510 adapter is made out of stainless steel. 

There are no cheaply made stamped out parts, this is pure high-end vaping. House of Hybrids have done away with the clumsy airflow ring that is never in the right position, or gets bumped from the optimum setting. The Kabuki solves this problem with a simple set-screw adjustment when you first set up the tank and you'll always have the perfect draw. Never again will you have to deal with it being clicked into the wrong position after filling or storage in your pocket.

The air-flow system maximizes the flavour of your favourite juices, focusing even the most subtle flavour notes for a more pleasurable, sense-fulfilling vaping experience that must be tried to believed.


Each Kit includes:

  • Fully assembled Titanium Kabuki Tank with native P3 connector
  • Stainless steel P3 to 510 adapter to enable use on standard 510 connections
  • Nautilus BVC replaceable head (installed)
  • Quartz glass tank (installed)
  • Spare polycarbonate tank
  • Black o-rings (installed)
  • Spare clear o-rings for a clean Ti look
  • Wrench for adjusting air flow
  • Special edition "Kocho" mouthpiece in grey to match (510 compatible)
  • Comes with atomiser stand

* The Kabuki tank is compatible with the ZAP glass and steel tanks.

We also stock the replacement glass for the Kabuki

the video below is for a standard Kabuki, but explains how to first set it up

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