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Continuous Current

Continuous Current Payload RDA • 22mm

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The Continuous Current Payload RDA s an extremely heavy duty, builder's centric platform that features redirected bottom airflow coupled with slanted negative post airflow, a dual locking centerpost that ensures no vertical movement, and a quad post build deck that allows for a wide variety of coil configurations. Featuring a 22mm diameter, the Payload RDA features a quad post build deck with a split positive and deck milled negatives. Each terminal measures 2mm in diameter and utilizes stainless steel screws for added durability. The Payload' airflow enters through the base through 3.75mm diameter exterior airholes and is redirected into the chamber below the coil. Auxiliary airflow enters airflow through the negative terminals through a slanted entry point, directed down into the chamber, and enters near the base of the chamber. The juice well measures 7mm deep, giving it tremendous wicking capacity. The positive post features a dual locking design that eliminates vertical play, and is designed to be able to withstand tremendous heat. The top cap features a laser engraved Payload logo and measures 11mm in bore specifically for cloud chasing. The enlarged contact features a hexagon shape and is manufactured out of high grade copper that ensures extremely high conductivity. With a design centered around heavy duty performance, the Continuous Current Payload is a must for cloud chasing enthusiasts.

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Product Features:

  • Serialised
  • 22mm Diameter
  • Redirected Bottom Airflow Entry
    • Airflow Enters Beneath Coil
    • Provides Smooth and Effective Airflow
    • Minimizes Leaking Due to Design
    • 3.75mm Diameter Exterior Airholes
    • 3.45mm Interior Airholes
  • Slanted Negative Post Airflow
    • Enters Chamber At Base of Negative Post
    • 3.75mm Diameter Exterior Airholes
  • Quad Post Build Deck
    • Split Positive Post
      • 2mm Terminals
      • Dual Locking Constructed
        • Eliminates Vertical Movement
        • Minimizes Shorting Issues
    • Deck Milled Negatives
      • 2mm Diameter Terminals
    • 7mm Deep Juice Well
  • Wide Surface Area Hexagon Shaped Copper Contact
    • Superior Contact Area
    • Better Conductivity
  • 11mm Diameter Integrated Drip Tip

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