Cloud Chasers Inc Ejuice • 60ml 0mg 90VG/10PG


The Cloud Chasers Inc. E-Liquid Line has been renamed as follows:

Toxic - Southern Charm
Roar - Hurricane Skies
Fire Blast - Früt
Metronome - Crème de la Custard
Nightshade - Autumn Delight

all juices 60ml 0mg • 90VG/10PG

Hurricane Skies

Hurricane Skies (formerly known as Roar) is a delicious "fruit cereal" that is comparable to licking the bottom of the bag.

Southern Charm

Southern Charm (Formerly Known As Toxic) is an incredibly tasty key lime and fresh lemon meringue flavor.

Crème de la Custard

Crème de la Custard (Formerly Known As Metronome) is a dessert-type custard, that is far from your normal custard.

Autumn Delight

Autumn Delight (formerly known as Nightshade) is a delectable apple crumble flavor with a hint of cinnamon.


Früt (formerly known as Fireblast) is an explosion of green apple, watermelon, peach and mango.


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