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Charlie's Chalk Dust

Charlie's Chalk Dust E-juices 60ml Black Line

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One of the most well known USA made e-juices! Award-winning and new! Check out the secret recipe flavour blends on the menu card below!

NEW! King Bellman a savoury and sweet blend of Brown Sugar, Tobacco, and Vanillq

NEW! Jam Rockis a perfect sour apple pop that will make your mouth water!

(Sweet Dream is the rebranded Dream Cream)

As well as our traditional Charlie's offerings below:


The Story

We all know there are some individuals who can tell an interesting story, that's Charlie, an amazing and unique teller of tales. He plays with words as a child plays with a cardboard box exploring every meaning, definition, interpretation and imagination. Although, as he travels through his vernacular spectacular some may become lost in the unbelievable realm in where his mind resides. The only thing we can do to help you understand how Charlie's Chalk Dust was discovered is to transcribe the events that unfolded. A moment in time taken from the writings of Charlie and his interpersonal enlightenment, leading to an accidental discovery.

Tuesday, June 8th, 1923

To describe today's events will be a difficult task. Some reading this may never believe it, but if you could imagine, if you could just try to understand for a moment, it may just change your perspective.

This morning, actually more towards noon, I dropped the stabilizers below my hot dog stand and fired up the occasionally reluctant grill. I always love that sound, like the universe is about to explode. I imagine the propane tank igniting and taking flight through the street like a heat seeking missile crashing through the windows of every blood sucking piece of shit cab in the city. Fuck I hate cab drivers. Anyway, my day started with the normal foot traffic, couple Coney's a few Polishes and the one douche bag that tried to order a Hungarian, I told that moron to go back to Toledo. The wind started picking up and as I rushed over to weight the napkins I felt an overwhelming sense of wonder, I was stuck, a stoic look persed upon my face. Questions began to flood my head like a tidal wave, tearing down the most sustainable of ideas, all my hopes and dreams. Beaten into submission I became paralyzed, amazed at what was taking place. Staring at the reflection of the grease stained glass door used to block the flames from the ever changing winds, I noticed a tall silhouette of a man walking towards me. I turned around in a daze and was met with a shit eating grin of a man who to this day, I would never see again. In my weakened state I was unable to greet the man so I stood staring as if he were a statue carefully placed on the sidewalk where all other life stopped moving, time stood still. The questions started coming back, the chaos and confusion between my ears was never before experienced and at that moment, he spoke.

"On a infinite scale, our life is insignificant, yet this brief period when we appear in the world is the time in which all meaningful questions arise."

Unknowingly I understood the exact meaning of his words. A surge of colorful light poured through my being like the blood through my veins. An enlightened presence came over me, a sense of relief. Floating through this wonderful new experience the man touched my shoulder as to keep me from flying in to the clouds.

"The number of flavors is infinite, for every soluble body has a peculiar flavor, like none other." He said with some finality as I looked confused.

I noticed a slightly torn piece of paper fall from his coat. I bent down to grab the paper before the wind blew it away, as I got up to return it the spiritually sound man was gone. I looked around confused, he was nowhere to be seen as if he vanished into thin air. Thinking back to his words, I was overwhelmed with a clear significance of life and that my judgements about customer's choices in flavors were original and not to be discriminated against. Newly centered I looked down at the paper, neatly folded in half, I opened it and saw a list of seven various recipes. I am not sure what these recipes are but I have no doubt a mixologist of sorts will one day be able to properly identify and master these concoctions. I continued to serve my patrons with a new perspective, life on a infinite scale with a flavor like no other, above no one and with everyone.


Yes, the story is a little vague and unbelievable. What you don't understand is that the benefactors of Charlie's worthless crap stumbled upon two very important items under a pile of chalk dust. Charlie's journal and the piece of paper with the recipes used as a bookmark. Charlie would have never figured out that these recipes would be used to create an eclectic array of vape juices giving undeniable satisfaction to a new set of patrons. The legend, it lives on with Charlie's Chalk Dust.

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