Big Daddy Eliquids • 100ml 80VG/20PG


Time for some adult themed vapes from sunny Queensland :)

These are as tasty as they are funny, dripping with flavour!

Get one for you and your lover now...

The BJ

Relive the sensation of surrendering yourself to the whims of someone else. The BJ unleashes the sweet, creamy strawberry to let you enjoy an out of the world experience. It soothing flavor, calming fragrance, and creamy softness would delight you to no ends. Enjoy the thrilling sensation of BJ and get your senses loaded with pleasure.

Flick The Bean

Discover the indescribable sensation of pleasure and perfection. Flick the bean would literary take you to the clouds and back to earth in no time. A sweet and resounding flavor that would fill you with energy of a espresso shot and the pleasure of unimaginable proportions. So start digging in :p.

The 3Some

Three some is designed to overwhelm all your senses with pleasure. It is an experience that sends wave of pleasure coursing through your body. You drown in the mindless frenzy of this awesome flavor. It is a flavor that hits you from all sides so you can’t escape its heady euphoria. Enjoy the fresh and fruity sensation of dragonfruit and other tropical fruits like you have always dreamt of. Let your taste buds experience the fruit freshness brimming with desire and pleasure. An entirely unique flavor the likes of which come once in a life time.

The Cream Pie

You have dreamed about it, you have desired it, and finally you can have it. The tasty, kinky, and unique cream pie flavor would let you relish every hit you take. Its creamy custard flavor would leave your senses reeling with pleasure. A simple, time tested flavor with a modern twist.

The Rimmy

You have tried all there is to try now it’s time for something naughty and kinky. The fragrant vanilla and strong chocolate flavors would unlock something deep and dark in you. So let your fantasies unleash and experience the wild side of vaping with the Rimmy.

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