AW 18350 700 mAh battery


AW 18350 700 mAh battery

Authentic AW Flat Top 18350 700 mah AW IMR Safe Chemistry Rechargeable Batteries

with AW hologram sticker

Note: These are flat top version 18350 and will not fit the Provari Mini which require button top batteries

Great in Dicodes Dani Extreme V3 18350

If you’ve been looking for the best 18350 batteries out there, look no further! AW rechargeable batteries are well known for being the highest quality.

You simply can't get a better battery than the AW. Recommended battery for use with ProVari, but also performs well in any mod that fits 18350 button top

Also suitable for the Petit Gros Mech Mod

• 700 mAh Flat Top
• Nominal Working Voltage: 3.7V
• Peak Voltage: 4.2V

Warning - Never store batteries in your pocket with other metal objects like coins or keys. This can short out the battery and cause a hazard. Batteries should be stored in a safe area away from metal objects or in a plastic storage container.

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